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Insulating Rubber Glove and Sleeve Care

Insulating Rubber Glove and Sleeve Care

Type I natural (not resistant to ozone) and Type II Salcor synthetic rubber (resistant to ozone) both provide electrcial workers with the hightest level of electrical insulating protection. To maintain this level of protection and ensure long life, these gloves should be properly cared for and stored.  Refer to ASTM F1236 , standard guide for visual inspection of electrical protective rubber products for additional information.

  • Before use, do a visual inspection for holes, rips or tears, ozone cutting. UV checking and signs of chemical deterioration or contamination, physical damage or embedded wires.   
  • Proper Glove Inflation - Glove inflators makes cuts, tears or ozone damage easier to detect.  Expand no more that 1.5 times their normal size for Type I and 1.25 times normal for Type II Salcor. Listen for escaping air to detect holes. If the portable inflator is not available, roll cuff tightly to trap air inside, then apply pressure to areas of the glove to inspect for escaping air. Then repeat procedure with glove turned inside out. 
  • Proper storage extends the life of gloves and sleeves. Store gloves and sleeves in the right size bag or roll-up. Never force more that one pair in each bag. This way, the equipment will lie flat and last longer.

Common glove problems to look for:

  • Contamination - Discard protectors contaminated with oil or petroleum compounds
  • Embedded wires - Inspect for embedded wires or metal showings that could puncture rubber gloves
  • Avoid storing inside out - Storing reversed gloves strains the rubber severely and promotes ozone cutting
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